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Face the Global Era with the Sister City Network.  

Surabaya developed the twin city co-operation (sister city) with three cities, that are Seattle ( Washington , the USA ), Busan ( South Korea ), and Kochi ( Japan ). It was the geographical similarity and the city activity that pushed the realization of the co-operation to study each other and the co-operation in various fields.   During in 2003, the Sister city co-operation was realized through the individual exchange activity, the delegation exchange and the information exchange in the educational, culture field. One quite interesting Surabaya resident attention was the dance Festival that spread out with the Kochi Government.  

With the Kochi City , Surabaya agreed to 7 co-operation fields since 1997. The co-operation that agreed to covered the urban areas management, the port management, the environment protection, the business world development, education, Science and Technology, also art and culture. The activities that were carried out as follows: the Government city staff exchange for the Science and Technology field, sent the student delegation for the educational field and the dance festival for the artistic and culture field.  

The co-operation with the Busan City begun the year 1994. Program that woke up in the educational field obviously has contained the student visit, the exchange of the lecturer and the student, the exchange of information, and the research co-operation and the resident service. With Seattle, the co-operation sister city was begun since 1992. The activities that were carried out especially to the educational field, the urban areas management, and the business world development.  

In the educational field, Seattle has carried out three times of delegation visit (1996, 1997, 2000), and Surabaya one time during 1995. To the management urban areas field, the Surabaya City Government carried out delegation visit during 2001. In December 1996 up to the beginning of January 1997 Seattle sent delegation of the clean water management system expert that carried out the co-operation with PDAM Surabaya.  

In order to expand the co-operation network, to 2003 Surabaya City Government carried out the sounding out of the co-operation sister city with several other cities like Guangzhou , Fuzhou , Xiamen and Kunming in China , and Kitakyushu in Japan . The development of this co-operation meant so that Surabaya could compete in the free-market era, could face the global development in the human resources development. At the same time as promotion means and the potential development for the area to the world community.


The big city in the Washington state, is one of the biggest port cities in the western United States that was opened since 1869. Seattle developed became the trade centre and the culture that connected the region Pacific west coast with the Trans Pacific and Europe ports, so as Seattle is one of the main gates to the American Continent from the west that was very busy by the humankind mobility and the culture also technology. Like Surabaya , Seattle had the heterogeneous inhabitants, multi-ethnic. Various ethnic groups like white people, Africa, Asia, Hawaii , and Latino or Hispanic remained and worked in Seattle . The number of city inhabitants did not experience the significant growth. Instead, like other trade cities in the world, exactly the suburb that experience quite big population growth.

Seattle City, United States of Amerika


Is the capital of the Kochi Prefecture , and is the first core city or the administration activity centre of the Shikoku Island area, Japan . Kochi had the main industry in the agricultural field, forestry, and fisheries. Kochi is the port city that was opened since 400 years ago. Since 1994 Kochi focused the development was based on the economics promotion with the modernization of the means completeness and the infrastructure, also increased the resident life quality.   This promotion succeeded in appointing local and interesting companies investment also tourism development. Moreover, this economics promotion was supported by city cleanliness efforts and the interesting and comfortable city design. At this time Kochi developed by the trade city, culture and the centre of the political barometer in Japan .

Kochi City, Japan


Is the second biggest city in South Korea and is one of the biggest port cities that located in the peninsula in South Korea . Because of the location that closes to the Pacific Ocean, historically Pusan had the important role as the cultural entrance and the trade from overseas. Since being opened as the port during 1876, Pusan developed by the trade city, the shipping industry centre, and is the tour city that became the main gate to enter South Korea .

Busan City, South Korea


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