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"Imagine the Surabaya City as the fairy's country, with the river from Kalimas gold, and the port from silver, Tanjung Perak." Supplement the imagination with the Surabaya City legend where the founder of the Surabaya City interpreted the Surabaya name, came from words Suro ing Boyo.
Suro meant the fish and Boyo meant the crocodile, a legend, the struggle between the Suro fish and the crocodile that happened in Kalimas. This legend afterwards was immortalized as the name of the Surabaya City .
As the Hero's City, Surabaya kept many historic memories.

As the mute witness, buildings were historic the legacy of the colonization period gave special nuances for the beauty of Surabaya City . The blend between the dream country, the legend, historic and metropolitan, all of it could be enjoyed in the form of beautiful and interesting tourist attractions. Various tourist attraction kinds could be encountered in Surabaya . It will be spend several days to enjoy it. The Melati hotel was suitable for the wanderer. Here also provided several five-star hotels. We could just walk around at the shopping centre. Here you could shop, enjoyed the entertainment while enjoying typical Surabaya food.
The recreation tour here was watching the sun rise, boating in the Kenjeran Coast and in the Kalimas river, visited the zoo, the amusement park, playing golf, and watched the performance.   In the night we could enjoy the nightlife in the restaurant, the pub, karaoke and the discotheque. The valuable history tour were including the Dutch old building like Internatio building, Grahadi building, Mojopahit Hotel, Pemuda Hall, town hall, and etc.
To know the struggle neroism to seize independence had the Tugu Pahlawan monument and the Submarine Monument . The artefact and the legacy archeology could be united in the Mpu Tantular Museum . In the centre of the city also had the legacy of the Singosari kingdom king that is Joko Dolog.
The main valuable tourist attraction religious is the Ampel mosque region. In this region established the old mosque that was surrounded by the China building, Arabian, in fact Europe with culture that associated well. The art object and souvenir could be bought in Art Shop, water port and the Pemuda hall Building . This building was also the centre of the art activity and the culture in Surabaya .


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