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As the educational tourism has maritime nuances, the TNI Navy Academy was located in the North Surabaya Coast and stood on the land measuring ± 52 hectare that was normal we mentioned with the Blue Bumimoro Crater. Here the educational place from the best nation young men that chose the TNI Navy as the place of their service to his homeland to be educated and hardened to the TNI Officer the strong Navy. Apart from the area of the AAL complex could be with all the supporting facilities of education and training that was owned, also witnessed by various of the Cadet's good activities that were linked with the activity of the routine service that have the nature typical the TNI Navy, and the Cadet's other activities that were extra curricular.

The grand main gate that was inscribed with the naval Academy and Hree Dharma Shanty that generally were significantly "embarrassed to do the defect will" welcome "the" presence "of the" tourists" since like that entered AAL.

The Mordofa garden with its bird park that was beautiful to be enjoyed and gotten also by the anchor sculpture to the stone as well as the PT Tank 76 that completed with Canon 76 mm calibre seriously ± 15 ton, was the vehicle combat of the amphibian of the Corps's steel plating I marines

The Kadet's statue that was immortalized to the Hree Dharma Shanty monument, with the straight view attitude in the future reflected the one of hero's noble spirit, abstention surrendered and the self-confidence that there is no barrier that could not be penetrated by a Sea Cadet.

Near the monument, exactly in behind could be witnessed by us the Monument of Karyono-Risdiyanto that was built to honor 2 cadets AAL the marine Corps that fell when carrying out the exercise that was realized by a steel plating vehicle tank type amphibian BTR-60 with the total approximately 14 ton.

Further the tourists could witness facilities Audio Visual Multi Purpose (AVMP), here we could watch the Sekilas film about AAL, Sekilas the Life of the Cadet AAL and the film of the Cadet's activity when carrying out Kartika Jata Krida activity.

Afterwards in Ki Hajar Dewantara's complex Building, was the studying place or the classroom of the cadets, where each kind of the space was supplemented with OHP and AC. In the Sapudi audio-visual aid building, was gotten the instruction implement for Seaman's corps's Cadet, the Technique, Electronics, Administration and marines.

In the Bawean Building , there are laboratories and Simulation of Ship Bridge ( Moro Simulator Bridge ) that was the training place for the cadets and the Officer Student Seaman's Corps before they carried out the practice exercise in the ship. It still many others the interesting tourisms attraction which was gotten in AAL such as the Planetarium and the AAL Museum that could awaken the spirit and increased the concept of the younger generations about the maritime world. The planetarium in Indonesia there only two places, one in the Garden lsmail Marzuki Jakarta and one in AAL Surabaya .


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