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Sunan Ampel Mosque

Raden Achmad Rachmatulloh was a devout and wise public figure as well as authoritative and more often got the sympathy from the community in his average ages when he was still 20 years old. And at the time of his arrival to the Javanese land, he was given by the belief by Majapahit King the place to religious proselytizing, and as his new residence that was Ampel Dento ( Surabaya ).

As the religious proselytizing media, Raden Achmad asked his followers to build a mosque during 1421 M. This mosque was built up with the old Javanese style architecture and islamic Arabian nuances that was very sticky. Raden Achmad who was known as Sunan Ampel died in Ampel during 1481. Which was buried on the right side in front of the Ampel mosque. Until 1905 the Sunan Ampel mosque was the second biggest mosque in Surabaya

Afterwards by the Ampel people, the mosque and the Sunan Ampel grave were built in such a way in order that people wanted to carry out prayers in the mosque and make a devotional visit could feel comfortable and calm. This clearly appeared with the construction of five Gapuro (the Main Gate) that was the symbol of Harmonious Islam.

From the south, exactly on the Sasak road is gotten Gapuro named Gapuro Munggah, where you will enjoy the atmosphere of the settlement that resembled the Zinc market in Masjidil Haram Mecca. It describes that every Muslim is obliged to go pilgrimage to Mecca if they are capable

After passing the settlement path that becomes the shop region which provides all the necessity from the Muslim fashion, perfume, the date palm and various accessories the person who has carried out the complete pilgrim's religious duties is available in the Gubah market (Ampel Holy). Afterwards you will see one of Gapuro Poso (the Fast) that is located in south of the Sunan Ampel mosque. This Gapuro Poso region gave the atmosphere in the Ramadhan fast month. It also describes that a Muslim is obliged to fast.

After passing Gapuro Poso, you enter the yard of this mosque. From this you will see the amazing main mosque that was proud with tower soared that was built by Sunan Ampel. That now is still staying intact both the tower and the support pole. After you do prayers in the Sunan Ampel mosque, then you can continue the trip come back and will encounter Gapuro Ngamal. Here people can shodaqoh in accordance with the capacity and the sincerity. Shodaqoh is also used for conservation and the cleanliness of the mosque region and the Grave. It depicts Rukun Islam about alms obligatory.

Afterwards is not long after that you will pass Gapuro Madep which is located precisely on the west of the main mosque. On the side right is gotten the Mbah Shanhaji grave that determines the orientation direction of the Great Sunan Ampel mosque. It depicts as the implementation of prayers faced to the orientation

And after that you will see Gapuro Paneksen to enter the grave. This depicts as the "Appealing" confession of faith "not the Lord apart from Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is the envoy of Allah".

After through to five Gapuro (the gate) this then can be taken the conclusion that these Gapuro describe Rukun Islam. The confession of faith (Gapuro Peneksen) appeal no God but Allah. Pray (Gapuro Madep) carries out prayers face to the orientation. Alms (Gapuro Ngamal) fulfilles alms/Shodaqoh for those who are capable. The fast (Gapuro Poso) the atmosphere of the fast like in ramadhan.

The pilgrim (Gapuro Munggah) sees the name and the language as well as the atmosphere in Gapuro Munggah. Munggah the Pilgrim (go a pilgrimage to Mecca).

This Sunan Ampel mosque is located on the road of KH. Mas Mansyur North of Surabaya .


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