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Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo

Muhammad Cheng Hoo was the mosque that had very interesting history this also apparently from his building architecture that was made with the typical Tiongkok style.The beginning at 15 century in the Ming Dynasty period (1368-1643) Tionghoa people from Yunnan arrived to spread the Islam religion, especially in Javanese island.

Afterwards Cheng Hoo Admiral or that more was known with Sam Poo Kong or Pompu Awang during 1410 and 1416 by fleet that was led of him to land in Simongan beach, Semarang . Moreover he also as the envoy Emperor Yung Lo to visit Majapahit King that also aimed to spreading Islam religion.

To recall the Cheng Hoo struggle and the resident of Tionghoa Moslem also wanted to have a mosque with the Tionghoa style then on October 13, 2002 was declared the mosque with Tiongkok architecture, that established in multipurpose PITI building area (Pembina Imam Tauhid Islam) East Java, 2 Gading Street (behind Taman Makam Pahlawan Kusuma Bangsa).

The mosque of Muhammad Cheng Hoo this could accommodate approximately 200

municipality group.

The mosque of Muhammad Cheng Hoo stood on the land 21 x 11 square meter wide the main building 11 x 9 square meter.

The mosque of Muhammad Cheng Hoo also had eight sides on the top of main building.

The three measurement or the figure had intention.

The meaning was the figure 11 for the Ka'bah measurement during just was built, figure 9 symbolized Wali Songo and figure 8 symbolized Pat Kwa (Luck/Glory in Tionghoa language)


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