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Galaxy Mall

The biggest shopping centre in east Surabaya which was opened since the year 199. It located in Dharmahusada Indah Timur 37 Street, in the middle of the prestigious east Surabaya region, this mall became the only one that was most complete. Shopping facilities with this modern interior had a great number counter on each floors. it also have the quite big supermarket which provided daily necessity, the department store and the boutique with the latest collection fashion, the game centre with the skill game collection that futuristic was various types from children to the adult with the choice of the toy import and local. The cinema with 5 studios completed with the digital sound that played newest Hollywood films and local, the jewelry shop, the sport shop, the beauty salon, the book shop as well as various restaurant sorts and café all could be found by you here.

Moreover, in the ground floor of this Galaxy Mall was also used as the exhibition site like the exhibition of housing & property, the automotive exhibition, the furniture exhibition and et cetera.

Supported with strategic location that could be covered with public transport or for you who brought the personal vehicle was provided the area parked that enough areas with the adequate security system, this made the visitors feel comfortable shopped or only went for a walk to release the fatigue)



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