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Ria Kenjeran Coast (Water Park)

It is located in east of Surabaya , with coastal air that increasingly was felt by you like that you were in the Mulyosari region and Sutorejo. This Kenjeran coast is Arek-Arek (Youngster) Suroboyo coast with several facilities that were of various types from sport to typical Surabaya gift.If you want to enjoy air coastal by walking or riding a horse in the garden that was provided by the Kenjeran Coast .And but also played the kite freely here because of the coastal wind that was supportive for this game. So as to be very pleasant brought the family went on holiday in this Kenjeran Coast .

The Kenjeran coast is also often held the agendas on certain days (on Saturday/the week) that is very interesting so as unfortunately if being passed by just like that. These are included drag race in park-circuit, the horse race, the Barongsai performance when the full moon, the game of the kite and et cetera.

In there also could be found the stand of typical Surabaya food (shellfish satay sale, the Lontong Kupang, the Lontong Balap, rujak cingur, the fish roasted, Dawet ice, and et cetera) or souvenir that most have material the foundation of sea.   And for that from outside Surabaya or that want to spend the night, the Kenjeran coast provided accommodation that headed to the coast so that the visitor could enjoy the beauty of the sun rose and sank.   The Kenjeran coast is opened every day for 24 hours. The manager's side of the Kenjeran Coast occasionally gave the ticket discount on normal days.


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