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Pusat Kya Kya Kembang Jepun

It Was the pecinan area in 1900 's. The development of Kembang Jepun Kya-Kya Centre (PK3J) had several stages. Initially was entrance planning from PK3J that was made in such a way as was not far was different to the original form. Afterwards the process of the main gate production was done in the Kenjeran beach and the repairing of the road in PK3J. After the road repairing to be finished then on May 27, 2003 was carried out by the gateway fitting and the construction of the utility. For the gateway transportation process from kenjeran to Kembang Jepun also needed 15 trailer trucks and six crane. Whereas the weight from the gateway around 4 ton, not yet including the dragon decoration on the gateway part. Apart from the gateway fitting on May 27, 2003, it was also carried out by 14 constructions of the utility also will be transfixed.

The construction of this utility was supporting things for the need of electricity, PDAM, and the loudspeaker In the meantime the manager's side kya kya had several programs in part:

  • Make Kembang Jepun street became the region that was comfortable for the pedestrian by releasing this road from the motor vehicles traffic between struck 18:00 to 02:00 the dawn.
  • revived the atmosphere of Kembang Jepun street with the sparkling and very bright light, so as the atmosphere of this road become warm, pleased and reflected the safe feeling.
  • produced the safe and comfortable atmosphere with the presence of the officials who projected an image of the first-rate security nuances. Instantly the resident entered this region, beginning with parked, while tracing Kembang Jepun street and when leaving the region felt happy and safe. Closed the region towards the possibility of the small comfort disturbances like the presence of the singing beggar, the beggar, the seller. The singing beggar will be made a special room with the provisions of better means, was like this matter the staler goods seller asongan could make use of the other land in and around Kembang Jepun street
  • produced the atmosphere of the warmth of dinner recreation by providing food and the drink that were unlimited in typical region food (Tionghoa food, Timur Tengah food, Indonesian food)moreover, it also invited by many youngster food included in modern snack (Burger, Pizza, and et cetera) and traditional snack (Surabaya) Apart from food and the drink, the manager also gave the opportunity to the businessman who was involved in the service field (the salon, karaoke, Reflection massage, and et cetera) but also they who were involved in the requirement for the consumer (factory outlet) like electronics equipment, the fashion, accessories, and et cetera.

The manager will open the opportunity that as widely as possible for this field, although being put into effect also quotas so that on the whole this program will have the diversity and the completeness of the available field.

  • adorned the atmosphere of the night by producing the small entertainment stage (light-music) both that was modern and traditional, that was typical (Tionghoa, Arabian, Java), was contemporary (poetry reading et cetera), and civilization (dangdut, gambus etc.) or that was appreciative (Jazz, et cetera). It was not closing the possibility of holding the spiritual refreshing agendas (in the night in public holidays of piety). Provided spaces for the promotion of the trade and did not close the possibility of the art exhibition or the trade exhibition/small scale diligence.
  • Put Forward 'street-picture' as the element of the interior of the region, that is the resident's local support with maintained fasade (the front face) the building especially buildings that had the special characteristics that could colored the region (like the religious duties house, etc.), the building with typical architecture (Tionghoa architecture, Colonial Architecture, Modern Architecture) and the ritual and ceremonial agendas the resident who could take the role in moving the region (ritual in the place of religious duties that enabled could be enjoyed by this region visitor).
  • produced walking comfort with adequate means (the level road, smooth, was not hollow etc.), clean (the road was cleared, in fact was sprayed before the region was opened and after being closed), did not smell (the resident's rubbish bins were cleaned, before the location was opened), not flood (adequate drainage, not muddy), very bright (information spread everywhere) and aesthetic (has skied lights decorated).
  • Region Comfort that was adequate by providing the food place, the comfortable seat, the public's facilities (toilet, the telephone kiosk) that was spread and sufficient. Including the provisions of tents to drink or eat when the rainy season arrived.
  • Officials Friendliness of the field beginning when the guest entered (the parking attendant), the supporter (the security, the official cleaning-service et cetera) and this authority manager. It was constructed the awareness together with the owners of food stands and drink about the friendliness (including inside the cleanliness and the quality of food).
  • Achievement Comfort and the security parked certainly became part of the success of this program, these efforts were carried out by giving first-rate information in all access towards the location and the atmosphere that were safe had been served since entering the region through accesses on the end of the supporting road, by placing security posts and the official of the security there. The land parked was provided with all the ease including achievement access from the west, East, South and North of the location.
  • constructed the awareness of the Surabaya inhabitants to take part in having this city assets by visiting and enjoying these facilities through the invitation, the appeal, the invitation through the publication and the good mass media support the print media (local newspapers/national), the electronic media (national and local television and Radio)
  • held hands with all the related agencies was good with official agencies the government (the Tourism Service, the cultural Service, the Communication Information Service, the Middle Primary Industry Service Small, Dispenda, etc.), the Tertiary Institution, the Co-operation and the support of the businessmen with the advertisement fitting (banner, signage) all along Kembang Jepun Street that integrated in the form of the advertisement and street lighting as well as environmental aesthetics at the same time (like the support sponsorship for the development 2 played Chinese Style Gate, on the end of Kembang Jepun Street). And it also co-operated with non-governmental organizations in an effort to the development of Art and the Culture.
  • co-operated with smallest units the community like with the retailer's local group, Art groups and the potential Culture local, youngster organization, Own will local security groups.


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