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Marina Plaza

Marina Plaza was in the elite's region Margorejo Indah or exact on Margorejo Indah 97-99 Surabaya and close to twins apartment Puncak Marina, the plaza that previously was named Fountain Court this was the exclusive shopping centre in the South Surabaya region.

This Plaza had stands that provided the daily necessity, various up to date fashion products, beauty salons that offered various maintenance services of the body, the book shop as well as the department store.

Moreover there are many food places such as steak house, the fast food restaurant to the Chinese food restaurant all was here.

Apart from the restaurant, on the highest floor was there is a Garden Food court which served many various cooking with the better price.

The interior design was made natural added with beautiful light made the atmosphere be felt cool and luxurious, and this will make you increasingly comfortable and reluctantly to immediately leave this place.

Apart from the facilities which generally same like other plazas, but it had one typical special characteristic that could be met here that is complete sport facilities.

The swimming pool with the colorful surf plank that have the spiral shape, the bowling arena that always was crowded by the visitor, the billiard arena with various facilities, snooker center, fitness center & aerobic with the modern collection of the fitness equipment. All of this sport centers could be visited by you every day with the relatively cheap price.

It was not left behind, there is also has a multifunctional hall widely approximately 200 m2 that normally is used for the exhibition site or also could be leased for the other need.

Other facilities like the ATM of several foremost banks plus the wide parking area that safe which it made this plaza as one of the busy shopping centers which visited by the Surabaya community and surrounding area.


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