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Surabaya Mall

The history of the Surabaya Mall development was preceded by the existence of the PT. SASANA BOGA co-operation with the Surabaya Municipal Government, took steps that were needed, to build again THR Surabaya, become a Shopping Centre, Art, and Entertainment for all East Java resident, with name Surabaya Mall. The Surabaya mall was built on the same location with THR beforehand, that is in Kusuma Bangsa 116-118 street. This location close to the Taman Remaja that has been famous, nearby also close to the area of housing and the main trade centre the Surabaya city. First Class hotels of, the shopping centre, government banks and private enterprise, as well as the cinema were located close each other made the Surabaya Mall the choice was most appropriate as the trade centre, entertainment and art for all the Surabaya resident and East Java.

With 5 floors Shops measuring 46.000 M2 this had the number of shops around 1.100. The 7 floors parking lot with the 800 cars capacity. Parked was open for 200 cars and 3000 motorcycles. The cinema theatre, exhibition space, the fast food restaurant, the supermarket, the bank, multipurpose room, the centre of physical fitness, pool, as well as special space for the shop that was compiled gathered was based on the variety. At the back of the Shopping Centre, we could enjoy the Centre of Entertainment and Art with measuring around 3,5 ha. The centre of this Entertainment and Art also could be enjoyed from a glasses lift. In the Semi Basement Floor was met the ATM Centre, Fast Food, the Cafetria, the gift Shop, Ice-cream, the Supermarket, shops, the game center. The ground floor was filled by shops, the Bank, Department Store, and the food court. On the first floor was gotten shops, the Computer Centre, and the Hi-tech Product Centre.

The second floor was contained shops, the Computer Centre, the Entertainment and Art (THR), the Fitness Centre, the swimming pool, the saloon.

Facilities that were provided both for the visitor and for the lease including being all the shops, the kiosk, the restaurant and the cinema used the system of air conditioner that was comfortable, the instant telephone, the sound system that was good for shops and parked, electricity with the 6400 KVA capacity added with the electricity generator , 4 passenger lifts and 2 goods lifts, the information centre of for the ease of the visitor who was located in semi basement and the ground floor, clean water, was gotten 22 escalators, the 24 hours security system, fire sprinkle system and hydrant box for the fire extinguisher, the cleanliness service for all the areas as well as toilet that was available on each floor.


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