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Tunjungan Plaza

Incomplete it seems visited to Surabaya if must pass a biggest shopping centre that stood very grand on the centre of this city.

To buy a souvenirs or just doing window shopping this place was very appropriate for you to fill up the holiday.

It was in the strategic location, exact in Basuki Rahmat 16-18 Street as well as was located in the starry hotel region made this plaza as the special attraction for tourists.

This plaza consisted of four blocs that is Tunjungan Plaza 1, Tunjungan Plaza 2, Tunjungan Plaza 3 and Tunjungan Plaza 4 (Sogo) where the four blocs connected to one another seemed to become one so as to be seen very big and spacious.

With the design of the corridor had the shape of the spiral made the visitors be interested continuing to go in front of the display window through to not was felt will arrive at the floor was highest, although also was provided the escalator.

This very interesting.

In this Shopping Centre a great number of counter-counter offered the product and the service that were put forward in the exclusive and comfortable atmosphere. It also has self-service that sold all the requirements for the household, several department store with the fashion product, café, restaurant, until automotive counter was here. After satisfied to shop or window shopping, on fifth floor you could enjoy newest movies that in turned every day in 21 Cineplex with 4 studios supported by the digital sound. Or hanging out rested in the Food Court that was wide and spacious with various menus such as rujak cingur, Chinese food to fast food all was here with the reachable price that made this serving garden be always busy all the time.

If you brought sons and daughters, asked played at the centre of children's Funpolis toy with the various and modern game collection must make your sons and daughters keep in spending time for a long time there.

In the 6 th floor there is a Convention Hall that was big enough, with the interior that captures this place usually to be used for the exhibition site like campus expo, the interior exhibition, the exhibition could be of the computer or also leased for the marriage reception.

Tunjungan Plasa could be reached from all the directions. Plenty of city transports that passed by in front of this shopping centre.

For you who brought the personal vehicle, was available the parking area that was wide enough with the adequate security system



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