The transportation in Surabaya was supported by the infrastructure of the land transport, sea and air that could serve the local trip, regional, and international. The transport of the city was supported by public transport of the city transport (angkot), the taxi, and the city bus. Here had the Surabaya commuter to Sidoarjo, the train and the bus. The toll road got up to routes that the density of the traffic was high. The transport of sea was supported by passenger ship facilities with the route all through the Indonesian region. The airport only served the direct flight from/overseas. At this time this Airport was developed into two times from the condition at this time, and it was estimated will operate during 2006.


As the Metropolitan City , Surabaya had the area of the quite big administrative territory (+/- 32,6 ha) to covered all the corner of the city region was needed by the suggestion and the infrastructure of the adequate transport.

The requirement for the transport of the public in Surabaya , at this time was served by:

  • The city bus
  • The city Transport (bemo)
  • Taxi
  • Angguna (the multipurpose transport)
  • The Pedicab
  • The city Transport and angguna was the transport of the public that often was met because most economical and the route that was passed through enough (57 routes) as well as could reach to the small roads
  • The commuter Train

Some ferry at Ujung Pier

Ahmad Yani street and commuter train

The city bus (Express and economics) that served the transport of the Surabaya city of the public had 19 routes to the main roads and in supported by terminals that were representative in part:

  • The Purabaya Terminal
  • The Osowilangon Terminal
  • The Red Bridge Terminal
  • The Joyoboyo Terminal
  • The Bratang Terminal

The general other transport implement was used by taxi.

In Surabaya , there were many taxi companies that were ready to serve the requirement for passengers by the certain tariff in accordance with the distance that will be through

Apart from various transport implements above, the traditional transport implement that is the pedicab.

For the transport of the city passage, the province and outside the island of the Surabaya City of the public was served by the intercity bus, the train, the ship, and the aircraft.

Supervised this was the place as well as available transport addresses in Surabaya .

Supervised this was the place as well as available transport addresses in Surabaya .

  • Air
    • The Juanda Airport
    • The List of the Domestic Flight Address
    • The List of the International Flight Address

  • Sea
    • The Port of Tanjung Perak

  • Land
    • The Bus Terminal
      • Joyoboyo
      • Purabaya/Bungurasih
      • Bratang Tambak Oso Wilangung

    • The City Transportation
      • Jembatan Merah
      • Kenjeran
      • Sedayu
      • Pegirian
      • Kaliondo
      • Tambak Rejo
      • Joyoboyo
      • Wonokromo
      • Menanggal
      • Darmo Permai
      • Dukuh Kupang
      • Sawahan
      • Bratang
      • Petojo
      • Rungkut YKP
      • Balongsari
      • Manukan Kulon
      • Benowo

  • The railway station
    • Surabaya Gubeng
      Jl. Gubeng Masjid
      Telp. 5022115
    • Surabaya Kota / Semut
      Jl. Semut Kali
      Telp. 5321465
    • Surabaya Pasar Turi
      Jl. Semarang
      Telp. 5345014
    • Wonokromo
      Jl. Wonokromo
      Telp. 8410649

  • The railway SCHEDULE of KOMUTER
  • The List of the Office Address of Taxi
  • The List of the Rental Address of the Car
  • The List of the Address of the Company of the Tourism bus


  • The CITY bus (the NAME - the NAME of the Route/the route of the CITY bus) in Surabaya
  • Lyn BEMO (the NAME - the NAME of the Route/the BEMO route) in Surabaya

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