Friday, 14 September 2018

Surabaya is the biggest and the oldest city in Indonesia, with total area of 330.45 km2 and total population of more than 3 million people at night and more than 5 million people at work hours. It is located on the northeast of Java Island. Surabaya is a seaport with Tanjung Perak Port as its main port. Tanjung Perak Port serves as the hub/center for inter-island shipping in the Eastern region of Indonesia.

The name Surabaya was originated from many sources. On the delta of Brantas river estuary, many settlements big and small exist for a long time with distinct names, among others Surabayan, Ujung, etc. In the history of Kublai Khan, three of its mighty battleships have been defeated in Ujung Galuh (1293AD). Surabaya also known as the city of heroes, the title was given related to the heroic spirit and commemorate the battle of surabaya in 10 November 1945.

People from different ethnicities coming from the eastern part of Indonesia (such as Maduranese, Balinese, etc.) have been visiting and living in Surabaya as the result. In addition to the two ethnic groups mentioned above, people of Chinese, Arabians, and Indians descendants also inhabit the city along with the native Surabayans (Javanese), making Surabaya to be a multi-ethnic and multi-religion city.

Surabaya is the longest living city with the same name in Indonesia. The name Surabaya appeared in Nagarakretagama, a eulogy to King HayamWuruk of the great Majapahit Kingdom written on lontar leaves in 1365. Historian also believed that the armada of Kublai Khan was beaten around the harbour area of Surabaya in 1293.

Towards a prosperous city, is a mandate

It means, Surabaya should be able to grant prosperity, health, safety and peace to its citizen or community to actively participate in development.

The City of Services and Trade

Means the city bases its activities to economic development focusing more on towns people characteristics. This also includes the service delivery which becomes the backbone of development in order to realize public welfare by taking into account local potentials.

Globally Competitive

Suggests that Surabaya has to be able to be a hub or center of international service and trade

supported with the sufficient access to the productive resources, good governance, integrated and efficient city infrastructure and facilities, as well as able to improve local economy, product and service innovations, and development of service and globally competitive creative industry.

Environmentally Friendly City

Indicates that while being able to compete at a global level or global market, it has to maintain its capability to integrate the rapid development process by still taking into account environmental preservation and its carrying capacity through the improvement of public facility and city’s infrastructure that is environmentally friendly.

Kalimas is the biggest river splitting the city of Surabaya. In olden days, it was the center for economic activity. As the city develops, economic activity is no longer centralized in Kalimas. Accordingly, this area is neglected and becomes slum area. Huge revitalization efforts are carried out knowing the importance of the river in city development. Potential revitalization points are developed including the building of submarine monument area. Within this area, the icon of Surabaya called “Suro and Boyo” statue in 15 meters high was built. Along the river bank, there are the BMX and Skate Park as the main meeting points of Surabaya skaters, Jayengrono Park, Achievement Park, Expression Park, and Ketabang Kali Food Court. The formerly neglected and slums area now turns into interesting place to visit and introduces the concept of waterfront city which adds the charm of Surabaya.

Smart City

To overcome the lack of human resources and deliver a high quality service to the citizen, the City utilize the use of technology in delivering their public services. It includes but not limited to budget planning and monitoring, procurement, education, health service, issuing permits, taxation, security surveillance, etc. Moreover, Surabaya also provides major public spot with wireless access to facilitate the citizen in accessing and utilizing technology. To further expand the ease of use and portability, Surabaya also optimize the use of mobile application in delivering the public services.

Education For All

In the field of education, National Education System Law number 20 of 2003 chapter 5 article (1) mentions that every citizen has equal rights to quality education. Accordingly, Surabaya City Government is committed to provide quality education for all people, not only in public but also private schools. The high achieving poor students are granted scholarships to continue their study to tertiary education level. In order to support the capacity building and quality improvement of teachers, scholarships are provided to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degree. In 2013, the city government allocates budget for undergraduate degree equivalency and postgraduate degree equivalency

City Achievement

Surabaya has been acknowledged internationally in many aspects due to several achievements and rewards such as Asian Townscape Award by the United Nation; ASEAN Environment Sustainable City Award; Asian Cities of the Future.